390 Queens Quay W
Toronto, ON M5V

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Had no idea the building was infested. I've been regularly waking up to bites, and all my research indicates it's bed bugs (never been a problem well over a year prior to these past few weeks). From the other reports it seems it is a futile endeavour getting management appraised of this, but I will try and let everyone know how it goes. It's the worst; I've been itching like a rabid monkey and I have exams going on. If I don't post back, assume the worst.

Im on the 16th in 350 they are bringing dogs today to search for the bug source in the building I hope they find it before I get any in my place
This sucks! I love the location but if they can't fix this problem I'm moving

BEDBUGS, they are everywhere!!! - Thought I was just being paranoid. I have lived here over 2 years and was getting used to the ant infestion. And now this ?!!

what floor have bed bugs been reported or seen? i have been living in this building since November of 2011, and have not seen any bed bugs. although, if the problem is getting worse i would like to be aware . So, in that case, when my lease is up this year to move elsewhere to avoid any future issues. I'm completely paranoid about these creepy little things ..
so if anyone could help me out in giving me some floor number that would be great
i'm on the 14th floor

Our last apartment in the penthouse of 390 Queens Quay W. had a fairly large ant infestation (didn't see any bedbugs). The kitchen was the worst. Management was not very helpful.

We have since moved to a cleaner apartment with a more active and involved management.

Anonymous on 02/24/2011 must be Management of this building. Who else would care to respond in such a definsive manner?

I have bed bugs in my unit as well. I'm looking to move because the building does not repond to our bed bug complaints.

Anon 2-24, sounds like you have caught a nymph. Bedbugs shed their shells 5 times before becoming adults. Check out pictures of the life cycle online to confirm.

I moved in the New Year, and since have been extremely itchy, with red bumps along my calves. I have yet to see a bed bug, but have caught a white, shelled bug of some sort.

We had to move out because the they refused to do something about the bedbugs & extreme ant problem..

Imagine keeping your place as clean as possible and having ants and bugs crawling on during the night. It was a nightmare.

haven't had any bed bugs on my floor, however the apartment management have acknowledged an ant infestation and have refused to do anything about it. cant wait to move out.

I Stayed at Glen grove furnished apartment at 390 Queens Quay. A few days after I moved in I started seeing blood spots on the bed sheets. I tried contacting Glen grove about it but was brushed off. As I could not feel safe I had to move out in a few days. Glen Grove toronto is a scam. Not only they rent bed bug infested apartments they also do not refund your money if you have such a problem and have a nasty attitude over the phone.

I can imagine that probably all apartments at glen grove ma

ple leaf 390 queens quay west are badly infested with bed bugs !

see full report...

I used to live in this building, and several of us had our units attacked by bedbugs. I had to take a number of steps to defend against them, but eventually moved. I wouldn't be surprised if they're in the entire building.

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