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To the January 2012 poster below: did you notify theatre management of your suspicions?

They can't investigate and treat a problem that they don't know exists, so I hope you reported your experience to someone at the Scotiabank.

Awareness is important, so make sure they're aware.

Went to movie in the last few weeks and brought home a single (hopefully) bed bug. Hasn't been anywhere else that day. Fell from clothing after removing jacket and having a seat on the couch. Caught it and looked it up online just to be sure that it was a bed bug.

Went back to theatre following week and a bug in the exact same shape as a bed bug "crawled across the screen" during the movie. Enough to leave me nervous about attending this theatre.

That company - Abell Pest Control - doesn't use dogs. I just called them to ask.

Probably bitten at some other location. I think you would notice at the time or shortly after if you were being bitten.

No bedbugs found.

Just read on Yahoo news that Cineplex hired a pest control company and utilized a bed bug sniffing dog...and found no bed bugs.

Theatre no. 14, left hand side (near front, maybe 2-3 rows back)

@Bugsy Malone: Which theatre # were you in?

Went to see the 6:10 showing of "Scott Pilgrim" on Tuesday, Aug 24th. Woke up in itchy terror at about 3 or 4am later that night. From previous experience in NYC knew what it was pretty much immediately. Bug bites were only back of upper thigh, bottom, lower back in classic "breakfast lunch dinner" pattern (mostly pattern of twos and threes). Took about another day and a half to realize it must have been the cinema; thought it might have been from a friend's initially but they had no signs of be


Left message somewhere in the labyrinth of customer care for Cineplex. Told a film critic friend coming into town for TIFF next week. TIFF and Cineplex at high alert: appear to be on it.

Curious about any other visits to this theatre & reports of bedbugs!

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