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I attended a wedding recently at The Ritz-Carlton in Toronto. While seated on one of the chairs in the 2nd floor ballroom, I observed a spot moving on the arm of the chair. On closer inspection I realized that it was in fact a bed bug, something I was all too familiar with after a visit a number of years to an AMC movie theatre in Times Square NYC shortly before it was shut down for a period of time. I crushed it and brought it to the attention of one of the staff members, who dismissed my repor

t and proof with "That's not a bed bug - they're bigger". He then swept it onto the carpet and went on his way. I would have not followed up with this had I not later that evening observed my wife's legs branded with the trademark "breakfast, lunch & dinner" bite marks on both legs. She was horrified and very upset. I spoke to another staff member, only to have my concerns dismissed again with "I will tell the manager", never to see that employee or the manager. Several other guests have subsequently come forward with similar stories of welts or bites that evening. Everyone seems to be in denial at this hotel and it made us think twice about our planned return visit - ultimately we chose to stay at another property on our next visit to Toronto. It's a shame as the place itself is very beautiful, but the hidden secrets that lurk in the upholstery and elsewhere have eroded our opinion.

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