Henry St
Toronto, ON M5T

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Very recently visited the apt's at 6 Henry St. Residents are having to place white powder all over their floors. It's not healthy, especially for the one's trying to deal w/serious illnesses.

Visitors should be warned upon arrival - We should not be expected to figure out this bed bug problem on our own. We were there 2 days w/o notice...

Also, there is food being commercially prepared, sold + consumed RIGHT THERE. It's a restaurant attached to the building. Does the Health Inspector c

heck that oot ? Thank you.

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6/25 Henry St - Hydro block
Battling this problem again - was treated approximately 1 1/2 ago - but they are back. I see evidence of infestation on discarded furniture once every few months in the garbage area of the building... The super would like us to believe that we are the only ones in the building with this problem. Seriously?

I can believe that others are not reporting,and it's not surprising. But to anyone with eyes (I'm pretty sure the super can see quite clearly) it is immen

sely apparent that there are infestations in this building.

Reverse delusional parasitosis -

It will only serve to spread this pest literally everywhere.

I just have to turn to my roommate for this type of attitude, never mind the neighbors.
My roommate is lackadaisical - he's not being bitten (or doesn't react) so who cares "what's the big deal" Then again, he is a generally irresponsible individual - but I digress...

I'm getting ready for more pro treatment in earnest so i can get the hell out of here sans unwanted guests. This has been expensive and incredibly time consuming. I hope to find a bedbug free place somewhere downtown. It's not looking good based on this registry

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June 2010 - I've actually reported this before, but my alert seems to have been lost. I was lucky to catch it very early on - but I'm sure I have neighbours that aren't reporting them which makes it difficult to get comfortable again.

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