89 Mccaul St
Toronto, ON M5T

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I have lived at 89 McCaul Street for 6 years. There have NEVER been any reports of bedbugs from the condo board or any of our neighbours during this time.

The report below is misleading and vague. Townhouse 3 (which is listed below), is a stand alone unit and is not connected with the rest of the building.

This website is unmonitored, and altogether inaccurate. I would recommend that anyone searching this website rely on a more reliable source such as the City of Toronto Public Health


see full report...

"89 mccaul" is a massive complex with streetlevel townhouses, apartment style units and central courtyard units.

the unit mentioned "townhouse 3" is a stand-alone unit within the courtyard.

unfortunately, however, this is not clear based on the postings on your registry. we have lived in his complex for 6 years. we have never had, or heard of any bed bug problems from our condo board or neighbours. 

if you are going to operate an unsanctioned site like this, please be concientious

of the ramifications of false and misleading posts.

see full report...

There are no bedbugs at this address. I am a home owner here and we are selling our property. Please remove this erroneous report!!

There have been no reports of bedbugs after the initial treatment was done in July 2010

Spoke too soon - the bed bugs are back.

Townhouse 3 had bed bugs in November, the house was sprayed and all was well until they started biting again a couple months later. The house was sprayed a second time and there hasn't been an issue since.

No nearby bug reports