81 Bellevue Ave
Toronto, ON M5T

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"You made it really hard for others in the house to find others to move in when they were sick of living there, as you would know." - tenant, April 2012

The bed bugs are gone. We haven't had any in months. I've been here since October. This is a nice house to live in with super awesome people and also happens to be the closest residence to the Bellevue Bin, a magnificent natural wonder which is now considered a market landmark.

Also, I never called it an epidemic. I don't know what you were reading.

I'm glad that it's gotten under control but while I was living there we got exterminated repeatedly and though we were careful there seemed to be no end in sight, as they came back every time. As I said, the landlord next door refused to spray and it allowed the problem to continue to the point where I left and others were talking of leaving after dealing with this for months on end. My frustration mainly came from the fact that when I moved in I was not told that it was a problem. If I had know

n that it was still a problem I would have never moved in, as I had already been in that situation before and I knew how terrible it is to deal with. Everything I said was true, and just because you're lucky enough to have had a better experience than I did doesn't mean that it wasn't a terrible and frustrating experience for me. They found people to replace rooms and would not tell them of the problem until a week or less before they were going to move in. I was only told two days before I moved in that there had ever been a problem. This I find unfair to do to unsuspecting people.

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After Reading the unfortunate series of events which happened to one of the posters, I just want to say that although there was a bed bug situation within the house to describe it as an epidemic is a bit extreme.
I am currently living in the house and have been for the past 3 months.
I have had no problems what so ever since we got the place exterminated. The landlord is extremely helpful and I can safely say that there are no issues with the bed bugs at the moment. If there was we wouldn't li

e about it and to suggest otherwise is just wrong!!!!
We are all extremely careful and next time you decide to post your feelings up on the internet it would be helpful if you were a bit more truthful in your thoughts.
There are 7 people living here and we were all extremely careful in how we approached the situation.

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Days before moving in on August 1st 2011 was told there had been a bed bug problem "months ago" and all had been fine since. Having no choice but to live there at that point, trusting that the problem had been dealt with, I moved in. Just days after one of the roommates found a bed bug and we had to get exterminated. I moved out after a month of dealing with this problem which didn't seem to be going away any time soon even though they had been sprayed 4 or 5 times, the problem still persisted.

It is a semi-detached house and the landlord on that side refused to acknowledge or deal with the problem even though tenants on that side said they had seen bugs. Even though the landlord at 81 Bellevue was dealing with the problem, the other landlord, for whatever reason (probably cheap as hell) refused to spray his side. I had to get rid of all my furniture and move out, losing and having to throw out many things in the process. These people still rent out rooms to random tenants they find on craigslist even though there is still a terrible problem in the house because they need to make rent. I should not have gone through the grief and mental anguish that living with bed bugs causes just so these people could make rent. For anyone thinking about moving in there, think again.

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