70 Grange Ave
Toronto, ON M5T
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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Old house, and as the others have written, there are many rats and bedbugs. Do yourself a favour and avoid this place.


Bedbugs all over the place!

Doesn't matter if you bring your own furniture or bed. You will get contaminated by bedbugs. The house is in bad shape and dirty so there's no way to get rid of. Tenants are okay but they don't really care about this plague. Once I tried to get some help from them to fumigate it but that never happened until today. You will always find a bedbug everyday in your bed maybe just one of you're lucky. Rent is not that cheap to get all of this!!!!

I am a nasty tenant I guess :(

I loved living here... the landlords were nice, i was so happy to live at their house... until they denied all my bed bug sightings, So I graciously moved out with no issue on my end or there end.

Sad they have to accuse me as a nasty person. I was courteous for every minute.

Avoid this place at all costs. House is old and smelly, full of rats and the occasional bed bug.

Nasty tenant left the previous false review. Grateful for nice tenants... Try owning rental property instead of just renting... there's all types!

Found numerous bedbugs in the apartment, kitchen and bathroom (different floors of the house too).

Owner was not very helpful and wouldn't admit to the problem. Especially since I went to the city with a caught bug to verify it was a bedbug - the landlord wasn't too thrilled about that.

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