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June-July 2008
My dog dug a hole the wall through the side of her crate. I wasn't sure what to attribute her behavior to but shortly there after I found that she was covered in bites. A few weeks later I got a few bites. I thought it could have been spider bites so I cleaned the apartment top to bottom. Still more bites. Then I found one. Squished it and out came some blood. Searched google and found it to be a bedbug!

Called a scientist who had written an article on bedbugs and he

surmised that they must have been in the wall and the noise irritated the dog. Who knows?!

Called management and received no assistance. They would help with mice, ants and roaches but not bedbugs.

Called an exterminator and through out most of my clothes, bedding, bed, etc. and laundered the rest. Then they came back! Called the exterminator again and called management to break my lease. Laundered everything again. Through out more stuff and moved.

I called the board of health to learn that there are six time more 'insect related' calls to the health department from the southern district than in any other district.

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