50 Stephanie St
Toronto, ON M5T

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I moved in 9 months ago, we've been sprayed for cockroaches 4 times and not once has it fixed the issue. In fact I just sprayed 3 days ago and have found 4 today alone. When I brought up the issue wight he super he stated "well, we don't like them either"

The landlords are terrible and not helpful, seemingly going out of their way to make things difficult. I've been renting for over a decade in several provinces, and have yet to find a place that compares to how terrible 50 Stephanie Street i


Do not rent here. You will just move the second you can.

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Have been living here for a few months and it's absolutely disgusting. I am constantly cleaning my bathroom and kitchen, but still see cockroaches everywhere. I use Lysol on my counter tops every other day, and there's always some remnants of roach poop in my cupboards.

In the evening, I often hear a mouse scratching through the walls and it drives me insane. The supers haven't done anything, don't seem like they *will* do anything, and insist it's my problem to take care of - how are they st

ill around? Can't wait to move out.

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I have NEVER had such an issue with cockroaches in my entire life. I saw a minimum of 5-7 a DAY! in the kitchen and in the bathroom. When I reported it I was told that they were probably just "passing through" and that I should keep my apartment clean (which it was!). I expected a little more urgency around the situation but I guess when you dont care about your tenants or about general hygiene why would you!? No longer there, moved a few months ago directly because of this issue and thank goodn

ess Im out! In my opinion, there should be a law that dictates apartments are required to spray the building at least twice a year as a preventative measure. All I can say about 50 Stephanie is, if you dont mind tons of roaches in your kitchen, on your food, on your pots pans, plates and glasses than this is the place for you! Oh and the general smell of garbage and poo that graced us with its presence in the front lobby is an added bonus.

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I moved in a couple months ago and started seeing mice about a month in and it has never stopped! We've had the so called pest control which is really just a fancy name for men with plaster. AND we've had an entire building inspection where they drilled holes and put poison in the walls. So far none of this has worked and we still remain to hear, see and find mouse poo everywhere. We are an extremely clean unit, we are not sloppy and we always clean up after we eat/cook. The supers are absolutel

y useless when it comes to helping out.

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This building is terrible. There are roaches coming out of the leaky faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms. I've reported on several occasions but no one does anything about it. The supers tell me I'm lying even though I showed the pictures. They come and spray and spray and nothing happens, there are mice running in the corridors on the 1st and 8th floors. Stay away, I'm hoping to leave soon as I can't take this anymore, plus the tennants who don't report whats going on are the ones who let it g

et bad but the supers don't seem to care. Painting the walls does not help the pest problem.

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Hello, I'm planning on moving in during the Summer. Does anyone know of any bed bugs updates on this building? or any type of infestations?

I've lived here on the 10th floor for almost two years now. We have heard a mouse in the walls several times and seen one twice. We have since taped up all holes into our apartment and have not had a problem since. Never seen any bugs or cockroaches.

I live on the 20th floor and just found a dead mouse in my bathroom closet. I have a cat, so hopefully it'll keep any others away.

I'm so surprised that I'm seeing 50 Stephanie St on this site...I lived there from 2004-mid 2010 and never had any problems. One summer there were moths in the kitchen but that was because of open food in the cupboards, and it was fumigated within a week. Never saw mice, bedbugs, or a single roach. Guess I was lucky.

Just moved into this apartment (3rd floor) and the first hour I was there unpacking I saw a cockroach. The following week saw some every day. Got them to put poison to kill them in my kitchen and have been finding them dead around my kitchen. I've put everything in containers and keeping the kitchen clean and haven't seen any for the past week. Hopefully it worked. And for the mice problem I heard people in the building complain about it but say if you have a cat the mice smell them and won't co

me into your unit.

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January 2nd, 2011: I have a friend that lives on the 2nd floor of 50 Stephanie Street. Her apartment is infested with cockroaches and other weird looking bugs. They come out of the cracks in the baseboard, the plugs in the wall, and the taps in the sink. She has tried to use chemicals from the hardware store to kill the bugs but they always seem to come back. My friend says she had mice in the summer of 2010 but she hasn't seen any bedbugs.

50 Stephanie streer = roaches + mice

At least two apartments were badly infected with bedbugs. It started in one apartment, and spread to the second when the tenant (who were friends) visited each other.

One of the apartments was treated, and they got rid of the bedbugs. The second one, the tenant did not notify the landlords because he didn't want to be exposed to all of the chemicals.

May-July 2009
I asked the landlords about any problems with bug infestations and they claimed to not have had any at all. My boyfriend and I haven't come across bedbugs in our apartment yet (on the 20th floor) but there are definitely cockroaches in the building. We have seen two come out of our bathroom sink within the last few months but the problem hasn't continued since we taped up all the holes in the walls.

2004-2005: 23rd floor Apartment was badly infested by the time I found out what was going on. I got rid of all beds, bedding and sofas, and also had the place sprayed. I moved shortly thereafter so I cannot state the effectiveness of the pesticide. Apt manager stated that they had not had reports of bed bugs for 2 years

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