450 Bathurst St
Toronto, ON M5T

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I am sorry, this posting was in no intent to put down this building as it was a mistake on our part for bed bugs coming into the building. The truth is that the landlord dealt with the issue while we were living there and we are quite glad that this is no longer an issue. Perhaps we misunderstood the intent of using the registry when documenting instances of bedbugs in buildings. Sorry for any grievances this may have caused.

To the nice Christian lady who posted on July 16:
you and you husband brought the bedbugs into the building when you decided picking up a street sofa was a good idea. You dumbass. You caused us months of inconvenience, expense and grief.

What could possibly inspire you to indicate the bedbugs were here already? How dare you besmirch the reputation of this fine building when it was you who caused the problem? Since you left there have been no more infestations of either bedbugs or idiots.

There were 2 treatments and the 2nd was successful. Don't pick up couches from the side of the road in Rosedale ever again. It was your bad. Why are you reporting it now 3 years later?

4 years ago my husband and I lived in the 2nd floor apartment at this address where we experienced a bad bout of bed bugs. We tried to exterminate about 3 times and the problem continued. Not sure if a following treatment was successful.

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