384 Bathurst St
Toronto, ON M5T

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I currently live on the second floor, however I am moving out in a matter of weeks.
This house is infested with bed bugs, cockroaches and mice.
The landlord lied to me when I was signing the lease and told me there were no pests, within in a day of moving in I saw two cockroaches.
The bed bugs started a few weeks later.
The landlord will have someone come in to spray if you complain but the exterminator will do a shitty job at best. I found two bed bugs alive and well about s

ix days after he had sprayed my apartment.
The house has not been fumigated and I doubt it ever will.
The landlord also attempted to swindle me out of my deposit as well as an extra half months rent for ending my lease early.
DO NOT MOVE IN TO THIS BULIDING. It is not worth the rent (I am currently paying $1020 for a bachelor.) nor is it worth the sleepless nights that come along with the pest problems.

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I live on first floor for years and years. No bites yet!

Currently living in Apartment 7 on the third floor. I think the house is permanently infested with bed bugs. I was told the place was sprayed before I moved in but I woke up with bites all over me within the first week. I now have to move again, do not move in here if you have a normal standard of living.

I am living here for 1 month - and no bed bugs to my knowledge.
I just saw the previous tenant's post and got alarmed - but all is good in my home!

Sometimes I wonder if the tenant brings in the bugs and blames the landlord just to get out of the lease!

Visited a friend who lived on the third floor bachelor apartment (#7) of this house and was disgusted by the amount of bed bugs in the apartment. From what the person who lived there said, it seemed that the landlord(s) did not care at all.

This house, or at least the third floor apartment, is covered in bed bugs.

Do not move here unless you are sure that the entire house has been exterminated.

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