356 College St
Toronto, ON M5T

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This place is the worst!!! Landlord is terrible and building basically has every problem! You couldn't find a place this bad in a third world country! Worst part is it is above a popular restaurant (Knowing all the problems with the building I'll never eat there again!). Anyways dont live here unless you are a rat.

This apartment building is horrible! The landlord seems really nice at first and the rent is cheap for a huge space, but the building has many many problems! When I first moved in there was a huge bed bug and roach infestation, we thought there was a layer of crumbs in the cabinets, but it was millions of small bugs upon closer look. The infestation was so bad that the bugs were even in our food and freezer. The landlord refused to pay for the extermination and we had to pay for it . The landlor

d's name is Walter Kung and he does not maintain the apartment. He refuses to provide garbage disposal, fire safety, heat, etc. The building is disgusting not up to code at all; the landlord pays off the city to keep it this way. There are many other problems at 356 College St including mice, no hot water, weird smells, break ins, gas leaks, and much much more! Do not live here it is horrible!!! The rent is cheap but you end up paying much more so that you can have basic living needs.

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