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Still bedbugs here!


Right...just want to defend myself here a bit...I'am the original poster who started this all off! Thank God I did though as the landlady needs to be held accountable for all her lies!!
I'am also the tenant who the landlady originally blamed for bringing in the bedbugs (I moved in for 4 months and it was in the last month that the bedbugs started appearing in the house-her accusation is completely unfounded!!) and who she also claims asked her to extend my lease and stay on in the house?

?? Naturally these are all lies!!
I contacted Van when I was looking for a new place to see if she had any other properties to rent (I had no idea what a horible person she was at this stage!!) and I clearly stated that I would stay on in the house EXCEPT it was too expensive for 3 people (to be honest I was simply saying this to be polite-I had no intention of staying on in that house with that bedbug problem!)and I NEVER EVER asked her if I could stay on!! I too have kept all those e-mails so lets compare shall we Van??
She also claims that I was messy and dirty???? How dare she!! I always kept my room and the common areas clean and I don't know how she can even say this since she never even visited the place when I was there!!!!

Van also states in one of her lengthy and non-sensical rants that I was irritated that she was showing the house to people...she put up the ad on craigslist and listed the house number so one weekend when I was on my own in the house people started showing up to see it. I simply e-mailed her asking her to take the house number out of the ad because I didn't feel comfortable with strangers showing up out of the blue! In no way did I create the impression that I was annoyed she was renting out the house!! I have also kept these e-mails too!!

I find it hilarious that at one point she criticizes the girls who were going to move in for ringing me and giving out? At the time I was really mad but then it came out that Van had lied to them saying we had never informed her about the bedbugs and that they should confront me about it!!?? She gave out my number to complete strangers and let me take the slack for it! I get why those girls were so mad so I don't blame them at all!! Also-I never asked Van if I could stay an extra night cause I had nowhere to go!!! I assumed I didn't have to move out until the 1st and when I reecived the irrate voice message from the girls I e-mailed Van asking her did I have to move out on the 30th because in that case I would! This is a little beyond the point but just another example of Van's blatant lies!!

At the end of the day...there were bedbugs in that house, the landlady was told, she did nothing about it and she has tried to blame absolutely everyone except herself! She has proven herself to be untrustworthy, dishonest and a little bit unhinged really if she trully believes all the crap she has said!! I would be very wary of going anywhere near this property or any of her other properties!!

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Completely delusional, pathological liar. 100%

Completely delusion, pathological liar. 100%


"We didn't ask the landlord to get in professional cleaners" .. no, but..we DID tell her at the end of August (as it states on the post) and she DID say she would deal with the problem before she rented it out. She said this would done before the new tenants moved in. When it was the end of the month and we never heard anything, we checked in with her. She said she would wait until after the new tenants moved in, just in case they were bringing bugs with them and she tried t

o rationalize the decision. This seemed strange (who in their right mind would bring their furniture into a place they knew had bugs and then have chemicals sprayed on it???), but we figured this had been agreed upon. When in reality, no words about bed bugs were exchanged to the new renters at all. The more the 8 of us post on here what really happened, the more ridiculous you sound.

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This is really hilarious. The tenants waited until one week after the landlord got married to tell her about the bed bugs because they didn't want to ruin her wedding day. That was at the end of August. It is funny to read through the thead of comments. The lies are being told over and over and make no sense what-so-ever. You are actually starting to believe them. You are totally delusional! This is a joke and has become quite entertaining to whoever ends up reading this I'm sure. We all thought

maybe you would have trouble sleeping at night with what you've done, but clearly you actually believe the lies you are telling. Yikes.

Several homes on Cecil and the surrounding area had mattresses on the curbside during the month of August and September. No one in the house EVER said that the last roomate brouht them in. They could have come from anywhere, so STOP YOUR DELUSIONAL LIES!!!!!

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Read this carefully. This is from the same poster on 09/23:

'We thoroughly cleaned all the rooms but didn't ask the landlady to get in professionals as we are moving out Oct 1st anyway'

And now that same person is coming back, commenting that she gave me enough notice.

Wow! I'm amazed with your ability to change black to white. On the last day of the month, you came down to my house, banging on the door, asking why the tenants are still there. I said because they asked me to stay ov

ernight at my property (until the afternoon of the next day) and because they won't have a place to stay if they move out tonight and I told them it's ok for them to stay. Then you requested that they have to move out immediately because they're only paying rent from the first to the last day of the month, and that you have the legal right to take over the place on the first day. I then didn't want the argument to get out of control, so I gave you their phone number, hoping you could talk it out on peace. They then later came back to me, commenting that you were extremely rude and vulgar, swearing at them on the phone and leaving insulting messages on the door (these comments came from them, not me).

The woman who posted the first comment on this thread was indeed calling me and then emailing me asking if I have accomodation available that I could offer her (thank goodness, I still have her emails), but I didn't have a good impression of her, the way she kept the place (incredibly messy and dirty) and although she's a sublet who I don't know anything about, she was irritated when I showed my house to prospective tenants. Hence, I steadfastly replied saying I don't have any available rooms to rent out.

I think you've been in Canada long enough to know that a contract is a legal-binding document. When I broke my phone contract, I paid a penalty of $250 (6 months worth of monthly payment). There are contracts that I cannot break because the penalty is too hefty. You are mature adults. You were not coerced into signing the document and you did so in a sound state of mind. What made you think you can use this anonymous website to blackmail me to get what you want?

A decent bedbug report would require the person who reported about the infestation to provide their identity, along with their proof of occupancy of the property and evidence to support their claim when required. This website is now being used as another tool for tenants to threaten & blackmail LL's into doing what the tenants want. The Tenants Black List website was disallowed due to 'human rights' (although we all know that it's not uncommon to have bad tenants these days)and the reasons given was any landlord could go on there and make false accusations against the tenant and there was no way to prove it was true. This website is the exact same thing, but only now it's for tenants. It's open for anyone to make comments on even if they have never lived in the building.

In your email where you threatened to spread rumours to have my property boycotted if I didn't grant your request, you mentioned that you were poor. Well, my advice is, working hard is the only way for you to get rich. Being poor doesn't give you the right to blackmail people and to threaten to spread false rumours about them when you can't get what you want. Until you learn this lesson, it will be a long way for you to get any further in life.

I will refrain from posting any more comments as I these women's motives are so clearly exhibited.

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Van, we were only angry with the former tenants because you lied to us about them as well! You told us that the last tenant who moved in was probably trying to sabotage you because you wouldn't let her continue on with the lease. Then you claimed the bed-bug infestation was likely fleas from her cat. THEN you claimed she was refusing to move out! When they were still there on the 1st (even though we later found out you allowed this and failed to tell us), you told us to go down there and tell th

em they had to leave asap! We actually believed you! You have criminalized these innocent people like you are now trying to do to us.

Former tenants, get in touch. Maybe you can be reimbursed for your losses as well. [email protected]

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Thanks for the support guys.

From the previous tenants:
I am terribly sorry this is happening to the tenants that were supposed to move in. There have been quite a few lies and this is very unfortunate. The individuals living in the place prior to October 01 can all verify that there were indeed bed bugs. The landlord was advised of the issue in late August, with well over one month to fumigate prior to the new tenants. She was advised as soon as we noticed the problem. The previous tenants advised the landlord they were w

illing to not mention anything with an understanding/agreement she would fumigate prior to the new tenants. This was to help her with renting the place out. The landlord's inability to tell the truth and do the right thing has resulted in the other individuals being royally screwed. Shame on you! There should be some decency here to give them back their deposit and a big apology. We are defending ourselves, that we gave you plenty of notice to deal with the issue, and defending the new tenants that backed out. Any person in their right mind would do the same thing!!

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It just puzzles me to know how women can lie about something so blantantly clear like this. These women were there, at the property, talking to the exterminator from Royal Pest Control, and they still have the face to come here and claim that they didn't even know if the house was fumugated or not. I was asking the fumugator (in front of them) a lot of questions but he repeated over and over again that there was no evidence of an infestation at this property. What could have happen was perhap

s the fleas from the cats (i'm pet-friendly and always allow my tenants to bring their pets in because i feel that they would love their pets just as much as i love my dog and can never abandon them). I, however, insisted on two fumugations. These women were there when it was done. If they could deny this and lie about it, what else could have they lie about?

When they came to me to ask me to sign the lease with a partial deposit (when everybody else had first and last in cash), they talked in a different tone, and when they couldn't get what they want (breaking the lease, take the partial deposit back and walk away as if nothing happened), they talked in a totally different tone. They even threatened me that if i didn't do what they ask for, they'd post comments that'll make renters 'boycott' my property.

Anybody with a sound mind would know that this is an anonymous website where people can write anything they want, where many comments are resulted from personal conflicts, where being vindictive is taking over being reasonable and fair. The tenants would just need to place their trust on the landlord in real life relationships, not on a website where people cannot be held responsible for what they write.

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I feel that i've been lenient enough, but now with all these false accusations, i have no choice but to defend myself and possibly proceed with legal actions if called for.

When i advised my house for rent, i had a lot of people showing interest. They came to me with first and last month cash deposit, ready to sign the lease. These girls only came in with PARTIAL deposit, claiming they're falling short on their money. I accepted it because i thought everybody goes through tough times somet

imes. They said they'd come back with the rest of the deposit a week later. I waited for one week..then two...then more but they never did.

A lease is a legal binding contract. They cannot just break it whenever they want to. I've been understanding and kind enough as to let them get away with it without pursuing any legal actions, and now they're requiring the refund of some deposit they put down to secure the place. I had only been made aware of the problem about 10 days prior to the formers tenants moving out, and had done everything i ensure the place is clean. According to the professional exterminator (Justin Wong)from Royal Pest Control, there was no evidence of an infestation, although i had asked him to check over and over again (especially the baseboards and walls and cracks).

Other landlords would never accept some deposit the way i did and would never have let them get away with breaking a legal-binding contract. The only attempts they made to 'get in touch' with me was to send me an email, at first sweet talking me in to letting it go, and giving them some money they put down as deposit. They, in return, will go up here, write comments to praise me as a wonderful landlord who's 'so rare to find in Toronto'. Then i promptly replied (i never ignored anybody's contacts), saying that their request was beyond unreasonable. I felt that they never knew me well enough to write comments to praise me and that what i need is fairness and righteousness. They then turn around with all these false accusations when their unreasonable request was rejected.

When they came to sign the lease, they only printed one copy of it (i don't have a printer at home), and so they told me to keep it and i asked them to come back to get a copy. They, however, never did and never attempted to call me again.

I feel that we're living in a law-binding society and although the internet is anonymous, you cannot just go up here and write whatever you want. I have a copy of all the emails and proof of returned cheques as evidence. Girls who have the audacity to write deflamatory and insulting notes and swearing at my former tenants without even knowing who they are, just because they insisted on staying for another night in the property because they had no other place to go, already speaks volumes about the kind of people they are and the family they were brought up in.

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Also, she failed to give us a copy of our lease and a receipt for our deposit (we felt we could trust her at the time), and now she is ignoring our attempts to get in touch with her.

Three roommates and I were supposed to move in to 29 Glasgow on October 1st. Unfortunately we did not check the Registry before signing the lease. However, one of the roommates googled the address and the Registry came up indicating that the previous roommates had a bed bug infestation. Upon learning this, two of the roommates immediately dropped out. We got in contact with the former tenants and asked them how bad the infestation was. They told us that they had to throw out all of their belongi

ngs and that they were certain it was bed bugs. They informed the landlord, Van Dang, two weeks into September about the issue. She did nothing about it and showed no intention to resolve the issue by fumigating before we moved in. In my opinion, the house should have been fumigated before we moved in, either waiting until October 15th or November 1st for the lease to start. But instead, she wanted to rent the unit immediately, without disclosing the problem to us. Had we moved in, we feel as though she would have tried to pin the problem on us (i.e. by arguing that we brought it in with our furniture) and force us to pay for the fumigation. All of our belongings would have been destroyed, and I sincerely doubt we would have been compensated in any way. Again, when we met her to sign the lease, she did not mention anything to us about the issue. After we learned about the infestation, we went to see her and explained that we did not feel comfortable moving into the house. She insisted it would be fumigated right away and that we could not break our lease or she would take us to court. However, it was already October 1st (the day we were supposed to move in). Our roommates were forced to put their belongings in storage. She claims she had the house fumigated, but obviously, her dishonesty makes me doubt that it actually was. Either way, we lost two roommates so we could not take on the lease financially. We knew it would be hard to find replacements, especially given the posting here. Ultimately, we felt uncomfortable moving into the house because she did not disclose this information to us when we signed the lease. Bed bugs are very resilient, often warranting several fumigations, if they ever do go away (exterminators have confirmed this for us). We asked her out of the kindness of her heart to return our deposit, but she refused. We have now filed a claim with the Landlord and Tenant Board and are waiting for a trial to reclaim our deposit. I would be very cautious moving into this residence, if at all.

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Hello, just to update with everyone that a professional exterminator from Royal Pest Control came in as soon as the old tenants moved out. He stated that he couldn't find any evidence of bedbugs. However, per my request, he had the house fumugated. Not only that, i paid for two fumugations (receipt for proof of payment for fumugation is available upon request) with a bug-free guarantee from me--the property owner.

Hello everybody!

I'm the property owner of the above-mentioned address. I was only made aware of this problem about a couple weeks ago when i came back to get a set of spare keys for the house showing. When i asked why the residents at this address didn't notify me of the problem any sooner, they stated that they didn't have any problems with bugs or pests in general before until the 'Anonymous' poster moved in (they had lived at this property address for a year).

For this particular hou

se, this is my first group of tenants. Prior to that, the house was under a total renovation. It was gutted down to the bones. The contractors threw out literally everything, even the baseboards. After the renovation, i continued living there for another year before i rented it out.

The people signing the lease with me lived there for another year without any problems until one of them had to move away and so they decided to find a sublet. This is when the 'Anonymous' poster of this thread moved in. Coincidently, this is the same time bugs were reportedly found. I'm a very flexible and easy-going person. I give my tenants the liberty to select the people they want to sublet (without even having to inform me) just to help them lessen the blow of rent. This is where the issue arises for all property owners because there's no way in the world for you to screen out people who might be bringing bedbugs along with them when they move into your property.

I was telling my tenants that i had to get the problem treated right away and i had hoped that they had let me know earlier so i could get it done sooner. I also made clear that the whole house would be fumugated promptly before the new tenants take possession of it. The extermination will take place tomorrow with a lifetime guarantee.

I hope we can all work together to get the issue resolved. It's only necessary to make your comments public until after you feel that you've given landlords enough warning and they are not taking appropriate measures to address the problem, but if no warning was given, or not enough time was given to address the problem, then posting these kinds of comments (especially on a site where anonimity is the norm and subjectivity runs rampant--people could be getting bites from one place and coming here posting that they 'think' they got it from another) only shows lack of understanding and sympathy. This is not to mention that there are malacious tenants out there who can take revenge on property owners for reasons such as refusal to renew the lease, to let them remain on their property, to give more discounts on rent etc...

Wishing Toronto a bug-free city and cheers to everyone.

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Myself and my house mates discovered there were bedbugs in all of our rooms (3 rooms in house)about a month ago (end of August 2010). We thoroughly cleaned all the rooms but didn't ask the landlady to get in professionals as we are moving out Oct 1st anyway! They are still there - hopefully the landlady will get the place fumigated before the new tenants move in!

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