200 Elm St
Toronto, ON M5T

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More cockroaches and other roaches and I see them every time Im in the basement doing my laundry too. doesn't matter how clean your apartment is. they live in the wall and have been there since before I moved in so no matter how much I clean, there is nothing I can do

222 Elm- I had an issue with the roaches and it had been resolved. I reported it and they sent the Roach guy pretty fast. I dont see them anymore.
I guess it matters if you clean your apartment.
I try to keep it clean,

At 222 Elm- yes, there seems to be a growing cockroach infestation. They're in my unit (since before I moved in, I've realized) and I've seen them in the hallway. Currently trying to get something done about it, may give up waiting and hire a private exterminator. It's a shame because the building is otherwise quiet, conveniently located, spacious rooms, etc. Would be near-perfect if it weren't for this growing roach problem. I would still recommend the building but it's getting harder to live w

ith the increase of roaches.

see full report...

may 2015, floor 7, 222 elm

moving out as it seems the lower floors may have a cockroach problem, a friend down the hall from me had some so I decided I didn't want to chance it. I've seen some in the hallway as well as larger ones in the basement and lobby area. also there was a report of some bedbugs in 200 elm on the 15th floor in 2014.

Great place to live for students but just not worth it if there is a chance of a infestation.

building has changed ownership within the past year.

any new bed bug or cockroach reports?

Got it from a bed frame that was stored at the basement storage room

moved in in August, found bugs within 2 weeks

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