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I discovered bed bugs in my son's mattress almost 3 months ago. Over the summer he was visiting a friend's house quite frequently (on nightly visits). Well it turns out the friend's 5 bedroom unit (on the next street over)was infested with bed bugs so I am assuming my son brought them home on his clothes or body. My son would lay in his friend's bed and play video games. Well all I can tell you is what a NIGHTMARE and a costly one at that. To date my financial losses are $1500.00 in costs associ

ated with this problem and 7 days of salary.
On top of that for all the years I have paid into house insurance, of course we are not covered for bed bugs.
Not only have we experienced a monetary loss we have also experienced anxiety, feelings of desperation, stress and of course loss of sleep nightly. All you ever seem to think about while in your home is bed bugs. Constantly on the lookout for them. Its been 3 months and have not stopped this doing this. Also my son had an allergic reaction to the bites. My son is an allergy sufferer so when the health dept. does not classify bed bugs as a health concern it just infuriates me as it is a danger to my son's health. Is depression, anxiety etc...not considered a health concern?
At one of the treatments (had 3 so far)for the infestation I had the pest control fellow spray the poison under my two sofas and then I fully encased my sofas in sofa plastic bags. Well we are in month 3 now and I haven't taken the plastic off of my two sofas. I am too afraid because baby bed bugs could be inside. After researching the web it is explained baby bed bugs look like the size of a poppy seeds. I have seen poppy seed type things on the floor so now I am really starting to get anxious again.
All of our clothing has been placed in plastic bags or tupperware bins. We have gone through 3 sprayings to date withing a 3 month period for a minor infestation....just never ends. I want my home and life back!!!!!! Will I have to start the whole process over again??????
If it turns out that I have to dispose of my two sofas, which by the way, are in excellent condition I am financially cleaned out. Don't know where I will come up with the money to buy new. Also, if you buy new sofas, they as well, can become infected. I am a single mother who works full time. It has been a financial burden on me. I can only sympathize with others who are on fixed incomes or who's salaries are below the poverty line, how do they come up with the extra $$$$ to wash all of their clothing, rent steam cleaners, purchase new mattresses and sofas etc.... Action must be taken now by the city, health dept. to stop the spread of bed bugs. I am aware DDT was the only chemical to eradicate the bed bug....I say bring it back for the treatment of bed bugs only. If the powers that be think the DDT chemical poses a health risk well all I can say is yes but also stress, anxiety, depression is a major health risk as well. Give us, the people that are dealing with this major problem, a choice of one treatment of DDT or the other stuff currently in use that takes usually on average 3 to 5 sprayings. You would think one spraying of DDT versus 5 sprayings of another chemical would be more economical for howeowners and landlords. Chemicals are chemicals so 1 spraying versus 5 I would think the exposure to 5 chemical sprayings would be higher health risk than 1 spraying.

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