15 Oxford St
Toronto, ON M5T

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ok are you just making this stuff up? it's bylaw that the landlord have to do something about the bed bug and if they don't you can just not pay rent until they take you to court. in that case you can even ask for conpensation for the damages that the bed bug has cost you. they actually had a case the land lord ended up having to pay the tenant 2000 for damage. the most far-fetch part of your story is that health dept has no power to evict. It's illagal to do so because of bed bug problem or com

plaint of bed bugs.

see full report...

There are bedbugs all over the building. The landlords refuse to do anything, which is sad since alot of the people who live here are disabled.

One person grew concerned and called the health dept. and was served with an N4 for it (notice of eviction).

The building staff is manipulative, coercive and refuses to fix the bedbug issue.

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