955 Bay St
Toronto, ON M5S

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I wasn't convinced the bugs came from this hotel until I finally found this page. Thank you - that answers the last question I had: Where the heck did they come from?!? I made sure not to put my bag on the bed, but the blighters must have set up shop in the closet, too. (Two night visit August 2011)

Stayed at this hotel for two nights. March 23rd and 24th, 2012. I had bites all over my body on the Sunday. Didn't realize about bedbugs but after doing research I believed that was the only thing it could be. They are very itchy. A couple days later, I called the hotel and the receptionist just said sorry. (made me believe they have had this problem before.) I asked them to inspect the room and get back to me if they found anything. I asked them to get back to me right away as this is ca

using me distress. No one has called back!! I would like to know one way or the other if that room has bedbugs. I am worried that they will be in my house now. They could at least have the courtesy to call me.

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Pulled back the covers of the bed to find bugs walking around -- if there's one, there will be more. Told the manager, they moved me to another room -- but I just wanted to leave.

Place is grimy, dusty and feels dirty -- mattresses are obviously old.

Sutton Place Hotel... wife woke up with bed bug bites, on Sun sept, 26th, notified Hotel immediately, they advised us that room would be changed and all of our clothes would be dry cleaned... staff inspected and said, inspection was INCONCLUSIVE because no blood spots found... we changed rooms and left all clothes in plastic bags in room... met with assistant manager on Monday, he said clothes would be dry cleaned, but said he needed official inspector to come... never got back to us with an a

nswer of when our clothes would be cleaned, never admitted anything, never apologized for any inconvenience, never offered any kind of compensation... polite but did nothing. Our clothes were picked up some time on Monday afternoon and returned at 5:30 AM on Tuesday, and our original room was fumigated that evening causing our traveling companions in an adjoinging rooms to chage rooms. We checked out Tuesday and returned home to Chicago, taking every possible precaution we could find to not contaminate our home.. We understand the problems of prevention hotels confront... we do not understand their lack of quick, effiecient and courteous response to a problem that was very evident they frequently encounter.

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