682 Bathurst St
Toronto, ON M5S

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This report is malicious and untrue. There was an incident of bedbugs in the apartment above which then spread to this apartment. It was reported by the tenant, and treated immediately in December of 2010, by a professional Pest Control company. The apartment below was treated for prevention, and both tenants are still living in their units after the treatment. and There have been no further incidents, and the apartment in question has been completely renovated since the original tenants moved o

ut, because they left it in a terrible mess. We had to rip out the kitchen, rip out the carpets from the bedrooms, and rip out the front deck, because of dirt, and filth accumulated over the year. The tenant wanted to renew the lease, but we refused. Landlord good, tenant bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you for posting this report. Just yesterday, I came very close to considering moving here, however this report has convinced me that the bedbugs and landlord are not worth it.

I lived here with two other roomates for 8 months on a 1 year lease. Could NOT stay the whole lease due to neighbours bringing in bedbugs and the landlord (Leon Jacobovic) not providing other tenants with full disclosure of the situation(which is required by law). When I noticed bedbugs had traveled to MY apartment, he stated that the above neighbour brought them in, but he treated their apartment about a month prior. What he didn't do was notify ANYONE ELSE in the complex NOR provide preventati

ve measures on the surrounding apartments. Awful landlord, was forced out of my apartment. Do not trust this man despite the fact that he is a successful business owner, he's pretty deceiving.

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