310 Bloor St W
Toronto, ON M5S

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I have been living at Tartu College for 4 years and my room got infested with bed bugs at the end of April this year. The pest control guy sprayed my room but it did not work at all. I still got bite every night. Man, don\'t choose this place to live. In a suite, every room is inter-connected by the heater below the window, perfectly designed for bugs and mice to travel from one room to another. I don\'t think the bed bug problem is ever gonna be solved at this place as long as the management do

not evacuate ALL residents.

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14th floor

I lived at Tartu College about 3 years ago and I had bedbugs in my room for 4 months before I moved out. The management sprayed my room 3 times which gave me a couple days of relief each time but the bedbugs always came back. What's worse is that the management blamed ME for the bedbugs and said that I had probably brought them in!!! I had to beg for my deposit back so I could leave. It was a horrible situation.

This place is disgusting. Don't be lured in by the cheap ren


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i lived at Tartu college as a student 2 years ago, and one of the rooms i rented there was with LOTS of bedbugs. i just moved in and i was checking the drawer under the bed, and there were loads of dead bed bugs and some alive crawling around. wow. i was lucky that i just moved in there that day and i asked the management to give me another room, where there was no such problem.
Tartu college used to be a cheap residence for students only. now it is just a really cheap housing where anyone can

rent, and this obviously attract different kinds of people to rent in this place..wouldnt recommend it anymore.

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Aug-Sept / 2008. Many units in this building are apparently infested with bedbugs. Management is constantly trying to deal with it, but their efforts never make a lasting effect, even though they bring in a professional company - the design of the units in here are just too good for bed bugs - everything is interconnected, and all the beds are the type with roll-out drawers, which are perfect for bedbugs.

Some suites/floors are apparently not affected - but you\'ll want to be careful. If your

room is one that had bedbugs before, don\'t move in.

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1/9, 2008
Room 1724

I started living at this address from the start of September. A week later I find myself having itchy red bumps that last for days. I'm pretty sure they're not mosquito bites, and there are tell-tale signs of bed bug activity (small blood smears on sheets, dark red, sesame-seed like dried fecal matter, I even caught a bed bug on the floor).

Management came over to steam my room with a steam cleaner, vacuumed my mattress and sprayed Raid all over. I had about two nights

of good sleep, and today I find in my room a bed bug.

I'm getting outta here ASAP.

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