18 St Thomas St
Toronto, ON M5S

Found 3 reports:

I doubt it as well. I live in Toronto and have not heard of anything there so i tend to doubt it and believe that original post was wrong, perhaps by competition or someone nutty for that hotel is one of the finest ad if they did have them, they would have dealt with it as any/all top hotels do

i too would put little stock in that report

Personally I find that hard to believe and just wonder if this is competition trying to scare people away?

I am not in the hotel business but I would tend to think that ALL hotels are dealing with this but the Windsor Arms wold be, I believe, one of the first to get on top of the problem.....

The Royal York had to close 5 floors I think it was at one point.
I would put little stock in this report!

Information has come to light that the

The Windsor Arms Hotel is a high priced Toronto hotel and one would not expect to get bed bugs from a hotel such as the Windsor Arms!

If you plan to stay at the Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto check with management about a potential bed bug infestation at this location!

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