Bathurst St
Toronto, ON M5R

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The Bedbug Registry lost copywrite in 2014 and does not seem to be maintained as well as it could. Unfortunately, since it is a great resource. Lack of information may be due to that.

The Bedbug Registry lost copywrite in 2014 and does not seem to be maintained as well as it could. Unfortunately, since it is a great resource. Lack of information may be due to that.

Am thinking about moving into this location (1592 Bathurst St) and there don't seem to be any comments since 2011 can anyone update me on the conditions?

What's the building number? Just saying Bathurst St means nothing on this report.

We have bed bugs.

When we first viewed our new apartment, we asked the current tenants if they had ever had bed bugs and they said no.

They lied.

The superintendent informed us that they had them, only after we moved in. Thanks.

We saw a number of couches and mattresses left by the back door, with signs labelled "bed bugs", during our first couple of months living here.

We've heard so many stories from our neighbours.

Now we have them.

We've now had to throw away all of our

furniture (couches, shelves, chairs, tables). We've had to basically pack everything into bags and put them in our kitchen. We've had to clean all of our laundry, spending at least $60 in total, and countless trips up and down the stairs.

This is terrible.

We've never had bedbugs until now, and they definitely came from the building.

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I am always down in the basement doing laundry talking to neighbors who are battling bed bugs. This building is infested.

We had them in our flat and got them treated quite quickly and they seemed to be gone for a year until I started to get bit again. Because it is a building wide problem it is near impossible to truly get rid of them.

First spotted an adult bed bug in January 2011. The superintendent has been vigilant and acts as quickly as possible. Unlike the last person who posted from this building, I have had no hassle with getting pest control into the apartment. The place has been sprayed twice. There have been no signs of a big infestation yet.

1592 Bathurst Street

we've been battling bed bugs for a while now and have been sprayed multiple times but nothing seems to matter because the entire building is infested. every week we see them coming in to spray a different apartment... which inevitably, because the entire building is infested, doesn't work.

the building is old and dingy and not well maintained. they have no plans on trying to put an end to this - they say it's not "the building's problem". it's terrible.

the only sol

ution is to start new in a new apartment - throwing out furniture and belongings you may think are infested. you name it, we've already tried it. nothing works.

whatever you do, please do not move into this building. this problem will never go away because the landlord isn't putting in any effort at all, and has no plans to.

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