85 Lowther Ave
Toronto, ON M5R

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I'm considering moving into this building. Can anyone give me an update on the situation now? Has the infestation spread at all or was it able to be limited to only one (a few) unit(s)?

On July 30th 2011, I saw two mattresses wrapped in plastic sitting by the recelying bins by the side of the building.
Importantly a note was attached to these bed mattresses which said “do not take Bed Bugs”

Since bed bugs can live a year after only feasting once, it will take about the same time frame, and even longer to ensure they are all gone.

It’s importantly that all tenants are informed of the problem, so they participate in preventive measures, or help with the spreading o

f the infestation.

Thank you to those tenants who wrapped their mattresses up before they dragged then through the building. This is how one should depose of infested items, and thank for the note!

Good luck, I know what I night mare this can be.

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