7 Walmer Rd
Toronto, ON M5R

Found 7 reports:

I've lived here since Jan 2011, I've seen NO sign of any problems with bed bugs as of this posting.

The reports of bed bugs are 100% FALSE. I just moved in and its been completely bug free.

But there are definitely people washing their clothes... frighting really!

This place is a hidden gem after a few dollars are put into a bird net for the patio (absolutely necessary).

The underground parking is dirt cheap too!

Has there been anything since? Looks like a great place except for these reports... they're freaking me out!

Has the problem been dealt with by management? What floor(s) were the outbreaks on?

March 14th, 2010
7 Walmer Rd

Everything looked fine until one day last week I discovered more than a hundred of bedbugs comfortably lying under my mattress.

Also,two weeks ago I saw people washing all their clothes in the laundry room, so I guess I'm not the only one with this problem in the building.

The management arranged for pesticide treatment of the unit, however I could still find bedbugs crawling around on my mattress for several days after that.

One insect just showed up in our living room! Hopefully the infestation has not spread. I have heard that others in the building have them too...

Just found the little buggers. My children got bites starting two weeks ago, we've lived here for years without any problems, so obviously a new infestation. We have not travelled lately.

No nearby bug reports