56 Howland Ave
Toronto, ON M5R

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I lived there for 8 months starting August 2014. I was warned of possible bedbugs hence was super vigilant. Vacuumed daily and saw a bedbug on the floor once. I sprayed and never ran into any issues. It was a good place given my circumstances it helped, but would not live there in the long run. An issue was the water is not potable, so I had to buy mine as not even the brita filter could improve it. Other issue was the washer that left residue on clothes and requests to management for a replacem

ent washer fell on deaf ears. But the team of maintenance people did what they could to take care of the place.

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Other than the so called crazy person that was mentioned, are there still bedbug issues?

Be careful of the homophobic / bipolar / Radical religious , loud person living there . there are couple of police report/complaints about that person.

Wow ,Some people got alot of nerve.Blaming the landlord (no dumpster diver)for a problem that the person contributed to by not allowing pest control to enter their unit! nor cared about his neighbours.Glad u left! You lived like a pig!I've been a tentant here for afew years with no such problems not just from my own due dilligence but with co-operation from a good landlord and a great staff of employees!

Avoid this place. There has been bedbugs here for more than two years. The landlord (who is a real scumbag, by the way) refuses to deal with the problem. There's also a tenant who makes money by collecting bottles and cans from garbage and recycling bins in the neighbourhood, which can't be helping the problem.

There are 5 to 7 units at 56 Howland, divided by
3 floors, that have bedbugs. In spite of efforts made by maintenance staff, the infestation is still around (in the walls) and keeps coming back.

infestation for a while, but can we really get rid of them?

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