50 Walmer Rd
Toronto, ON M5R

Found 5 reports:

I really wish I had found this registry sooner so that I would never have moved into this building. There are no bedbugs but the place is still completely infested with cockroaches!!!

I lived here in 2010/2011 and to my knowledge there were no bedbugs; however, the building is infested with cockroaches.

I have a friend in this building. I have stayed here on numerous occasions.
The building does not have bedbugs.

I don't live here, or have any affiliation with this building, but I live near 50 Walmer, and as of last night, (August 31st, 2009) there was a discarded mattress outside of 50 Walmer on the curb. Beware. All too coincidental. The viewit sign is still there as well.

On May 24th 2009, a Bedbug infested white sofa sat outside of 50 Walmer RD, and continued to sit their in front of the building for days.

The unfortunate owner at least had the sense to deface the sofa with black marker by writing BED BUGS XXXX.

Ironically the viewit sign was also posted in front of 50 Walmer at the same time, and although the sofa is now gone the Vewit sign is still there – www.vewit.ca B1640

No nearby bug reports