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Hi whats the update on this location?

I have 5 years in this building and never had bed bugs. you can't accuse management because they aren't bring bedbugs in your app.
Anyone could bring them in the beg, clothes...
How many buildings doesn't had bedbugs?

I live in this building and yes there are bedbugs. Read the landlords responses below she clearly admits it. Do not get suckered into signing a lease in this building. You will regret it. No matter what the issue- its always the tenants fault. Management is very adversarial and not the type of people you should do business with.

I was going to see if there was an apartment available at this location even after but I noticed that the Super Jennifer kept adding items to this page I have decided not too, she seems like she is protesting too much and wants to evict everyone so I won't be even thinking about moving into this place.

This the landlord. The below report is false from a difficult tenant. We follow an excellent procedure for tackling bedbug reports, and do prevention treatments regularly for all surrounding apartments - in fact, far above what is considered standard. Please understand that doing laundry is the tenant's respoinsibility which is what this tenant objected to. Thank you for your attention. We have not had a reported case in over 6 months. Jennifer

This place was inhabited by three fiends of mine and they consistently found bed bugs,even after treatments. For some reason the landlord didnt think it was necessary to spray the adjoining apartments. They also insisted that the tenants clean up afterwards.....what a hell hole...and management that will not give an inch. I RECOMMENND YOU STAY AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE FROM THIS BED BUG INFESTED BUILDING.

Hello, this is the landlord. I have reassured the new tenant moving in. The below statement about the building was false and the tenants who lied have been advised that we may take legal action against them. We take both bed bugs eradication and libel very seriously. Thank you.

PLEASE someone tell me the truth about this building. No one answered my questions in a straight forward way when I called the management company. I am freaking out as I have a lease starting there on February 1st, and all my grand plans of buying new furniture seem like a terrible idea (or even bringing any furniture or clothes there), not to mention my plans to keep my sanity, if I'm moving myself into a bed bug infested building!!! But what choice do I have. I have to move out of my current p

lace (I wish to god I was staying now), and have paid my first and last at 44 Walmer. IS Every apartment infested???? HELP ME!! I'm moving into an apartment on the 7th floor. Should I just kill myself now? Agghhh!!!

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One last note from the landlord. DO NOT CLEAN "RESIDUE". All Tenants are given a prep sheet stating this. Please follow your prep sheets!!! We have a good track record. Only the below tenants have ignored the procedures and are the only ones suffering from bedbugs.

I am the landlord. I am an EXTREMELY responsible landlord. The tenant below has been negligent and ignoring their responsibilities for preparation despite managements efforts to accomodate their needs. The Landlord and Tenant Board evicted one of our tenants for not preparing - it is a shared responsibilty. We hope we do not have to evict the tenants below. Bed Bug erradication is not a joke - we all must participate.

I am the landlord. I am an EXTREMELY responsible landlord. The tenant below has been negligent and ignoring their responsibilities for preparation despite managements efforts to accomodate their needs. The Landlord and Tenant Board evicted one of our tenants for not preparing - it is a shared responsibilty. We hope we do not have to evict the tenants below. Bed Bug erradication is not a joke - we all must participate.

The management at this building insists that bed bugs are a 'shared" problem to the extent that after spraying.it is the tenants responsibility to clean up all residues left behind. This is not only unreasonable,but shows a total disregard for proper management practices.Perhaps 44 Walmer Rd. should employ staff that have at least a grade 10 education, not to mention proper social skills.I fear that any existing tenant or anyone considering tenancy at this location should get as much information

as possible as to the existing bedbug problem as well as the unavoidable problems which will continue as long as this management team continues its poor standard of containment.THERE ARE BEDBUGS ALL THROUGH THIS BUILDING.

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Any updates on the bedbug situation here at 44 Walmer? Any other reports?


Two reasons not to spray preventatively:

Bedbugs are very adaptive and they are rapidly developing resistance to pesticides. Spraying should be done professionally in a way to target the infestations to maximize the chance of killing all the bedbugs. Bedbugs exposed to pesticides incompletely (small amounts etc.) would be prone to developing resistance.

Pesticides are poisons and it is not a good idea to expose humans and pets to pesticides unnecessarily.

That having been said, I do b

elieve that if bedbugs are found in a unit, then the surrounding units should be inspected (top, bottom, beside, across the hall.) If they have bedbugs, they should be treated at the same time. And, the adjoining apts given a preventative spray along adjoining walls at the same time that the unit itself is treated.

Then, the common areas, garbage rooms, elevators, laundry rooms should also be inspected and treated.


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Is there any reason not to spray ALL apartments as a preventative measure?

I have lived at 44 Walmer Rd for over a year now and have never had a problem with bedbugs. However I can guarantee that management does that the problem seriously. During my tenancy here our apartment has been sprayed once when I initially moved in and another two times when I assume another apartment reported they may have an infestation. Management does take the problem seriously as does the landlord.

This is the landlord. The below complaint is false. People put requests in writing and pest treatments are done immediately to, not just the complaining apartment, but all apartments surrounding. I am proud of our building and happy that we have many responsible tenants who are very pleased with living at 44 Walmer Road and stay multiple years.
Thank you

This building is a total nightmare! I lived in a three bedroom apartment here, and woke up one morning with small bites all over my arms and legs. They were red and swollen, so I tried to contact management and they ignored my phone calls. I tried to speak with someone in the building but there was never any management around. The three bedrooms with the bathrooms that aren't newly renovated are the worst. So disgusting! Do NOT live at 44 Walmer, and if you do, get out now.

I am thinking of moving into this building and would appreciate hearing if any tenant still has bedbugs. If so, which apartments are affected?

we had an issue a few months back and management actually did a great job of handling it. they had fumigators in right away and haven't had a problem since..

As the Landlord, I'm insulted by the false complaint below, or an error in address. I take all bed bug complaints seriously and treat the complaining apartment, surrounding apartments, and common areas. Our pest control company has excellent success. We even treat apartments who may be at risk but have not shown bedbugs. Should you have any concerns, please contact our Head Office. Thank you.

I live here and am worried about this last bedbug report...can you say how many units you know where infested? How bad was the infestation in your unit? Ugh, so sorry to hear about management problem, I can say (for other reasons), I've had similar issues...

Our apartment became infested with bed bugs and the issue was dismissed by management. We were forced to pay for treatment ourselves and have since moved out as other units have reported similar issues regarding bedbug infestations.
The building management is terrible and I would recommend avoiding 44 Walmer.

I am the landlord for 44 Walmer and am very appreciative to the tenant for this complimentary report. In fact, we have only had one documented case some 4 years ago. Recently we had a scare and treated all the surrounding apartments but the claim turned out to be false. It is in our interest to take bed bugs very seriously and treat the complaining apartment as well as the surrounding apartments for prevention. Thank you. Jennifer

I can vouch that this building is actually really clean, I haven't really heard anything about bed bugs, and the super/building management really do work hard to keep things clean and fix/resolve issues. I would recommend moving in!

It seems like every building downtown is experiencing bug issues. I am thinking of moving into this building, does anyone still have problems, or was it one isolated case?

At least one apartment in this building was infested with bedbugs from February to summer 2009.

The tenants in the unit moved out after repeated chemical treatments of the unit. Many of their belongings were disposed of or destroyed.

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