36 Dalton Rd
Toronto, ON M5R

Found 2 reports:

As someone who has lived in both 1873 Gerrard St E & 36 Dalton Road, I can confirm that the comments posted for this property are lies.

On the contrary, he is the best landlord that I have ever had, and strives to make his tenants very comfortable so they will stay long term

I think it's very suspicious that all three of my landlord's properties (including the two that I have personally lived in for a combined total of 5 years without a single issue) are listed on this site.


on you for taking advantage of this site to spread slander!

see full report...

I rented there after being assured it was safe and it looked clean.

Only after I signed the lease and paid first and last did I find out the place is full of bedbugs!

This landlord has a habit of this. He acts nice to get you to sign the lease and pay, then you getting bitten when you sleep and he won't pay to fix the problem!


No nearby bug reports