32 Dalton Rd
Toronto, ON M5R

Found 3 reports:

This location has had bed bugs in the past year. Noticed new tenants picking up a discarded couch on the street to put on their front porch. Not a wise idea dudes.

If you have bedbugs, please deface the furniture you are throwing out to the curb- such as the blue chest of drawers which is sitting out there now - Saturday August 29/09

Someone will unknowingly take the bedbug infested furniture home.

Just a friendly reminder-
aka suffering with bedbugs in the Annex

bedbugs weren't so bad during the winter months, but during the summer it escalated so that I was covered in ugly red bumps all over my legs and arms.
My landlord was unsympathetic to my cause and said it was because of my uncleanliness, but never offered to even inspect the area, and did not listen to me when I told her that I sweep religiously and I don't even leave food lying around.

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