264 St George St
Toronto, ON M5R

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how clean or dirty you are has nothing to do with bedbugs, which you would know if you did any research into the matter.

my 2 neighbours were constantly drunk and by appearances and odors emanating from them were always unkempt and filthy in terms of clothing/hygiene. they complained of being bitten all the time. when i got to peer into their units--disgusting messes and repugnant smells..so if this causes or adds to bb problem there you go...

they are there! I moved out end of the summer of 2007. they werent there the first few years i was there so someone must of brought them in. i was eaten alive and driven insane for 2 years. threw out my bed, got a new one, they didnt leave. they came and sprayed frequently (although they never actually moved any furniture to spray in the places they were likely hiding) but that did nothing except make my apartment and belongings smell like cat piss. Enter at your own risk.

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