138 Pears Ave
Toronto, ON M5R

Found 5 reports:

The management in this building ignore the tenants and only pretend to listen to the tenants and the building does have bed bugs. I complained and they ignored me.

I am fed up with with building. Scratching all night. They only pretend to listen to the tenants.

My name is Larabee and I am currently having problems in this building too.

I lived at 138 Pears Ave. for three years. The place is crawling with bed bugs and there was no heat on in the building for all the time I was there. Complain and see how fast you are out on the street.

there have been bed bugs in this building for over a year now, and will only spray units that request a spraying - although there are bed bugs in many other units - but residents do not report this, therefore the issue is not dealt with. the entire building needs to be sprayed

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