116 Walmer Rd
Toronto, ON M5R

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I rented a room from Mr. Singh at 116 Walmer during 2013-2014. During my stay there, the conditions under which I lived were miserable. The place is infested with cockroaches, has squirrels living in the ceiling, and the rest of the neighborhood detests this eyesore. The garbage and recycling containers on the front lawn are poorly managed and attract a number of pests from raccoons to rats. Mr. Singh would regularly resort to name-calling and other condescending remarks any time the conditions

were brought up. He had pest control fumigate the property 4-5 times during my time there and this seemed to do little in the face of the issues that had been neglected and mismanaged for what appeared to be years. He is aware of every issue at this property but willingly does nothing or very little about them. Anyone considering renting at 116 Walmer would benefit from looking elsewhere.

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Do not rent from this location, there are not only bugs but rats inside the walls. The landlord refuses to fix any problems and phone calls to the city have not helped. stay away from this place

116 Walmer Road, Toronto, Ontario
Has an extreme bug/pest problem. Health and Safety issues with the premise.

I lived at 116 Walmer a few months and was harrassed by the landlord to the point where I left the place.

The landlord Mr. Tiwana Singh illegally entered my unit and interfered with my stay. He is a predator to the tenants. He constantly harrassed tenant living at 116 Walmer Road and was taken to court on several occassions.

BEWARE! The entire house is infested with bed bugs. Also the roof is leaks when it rains.
Stay away!

April 2011 bedbugs came second time in three years

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