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Saw live bedbug in my apartment in early October 2012. The building had bedbug inspections in the summer, and I was being very alert - but woke to find one snug in bed with me one morning.

The property managers have been good - I got instructions, laundered everything, packed up and the exterminators came. Waiting on round 2.

Even though I turned my place upsidedown and cleaned everything, neither I nor the exterminators could find any other signs of an infestation - not even a single ot

her bug. It was definitely a bed bug, and I had bites.

This means that other tenants could have them, and they might be migrating but did not actually infest my unit.

I'm sure there are people in the building who have simply not reported them, or don't realize they have them. Apparently I am the 2nd tenant to make a report.

Again, the property managers are being responsive, but how can you control the problem if not all the tenants are on the same page?

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