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Cocroaches found in living room (walls and floor), bedroom, bathroom, near the balcony. I keep my apartment very clean, clean the floor every week, but these cocroaches keep coming in. I saw 5 in the past few days, all in different places.

Cockroaches keep coming into the apartment from the vent and between cracks in the old kitchen cabinets. Anybody else having this problem? We have taken every precaution against them yet we are still getting them. Stay away from this building!

Do not move into this building... the bugs are the least of your problems.

Much to my dismay I have seen 3 roaches since I've lived here (18 months) I found a dead roach in my unit August 2011, one crawling on the ceiling by the garbage room shortly after that and one tonight!!! Sitting on my door (in the hallway)... I am disgusted. There does not seem to be much being done about this and I am quite fed up. For the amount of rent that I pay you would think that they would have pest control come out on a weekly basis to ensure that these problems do not exist. At lea

st clean the garbage shoots more than once every 18 months... I won't even speak about the mouse I saw running around by the recycling bins in the basement or the mouse remains in the storage locker rooms....

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I have found at least 10 cockroaches in my unit since moving in just over a year ago. The apartment is always clean. Food stored in air tight containers, no dishes left in the sink, trash taken out every night, and the apartment is cleaned on a regular basis. I honestly have no idea where they could be coming from. I have also found 2 cockroaches in the hallway. I live on an upper floor. Is anybody else experiencing the same problems?

I very recently moved from the building, I lived on the 9th floor. I never once saw a bed bug or cockroach on my floor / elevator / or garbage chute. I also noticed the building seemed to upkeep on the maintenance of the lobby, parking garage and the grounds in general... As for the furniture off tichester, I found that a lot of people from 400 walmer (also rentals) used that spot to discard their furniture as they moved in and out. It was a bit of an eye sore, but over all I liked the building

and would recommend it to a friend.

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I've never seen a cockroach in the entire time I've lived here. Or a bed bug for that matter but I did see the furniture outside and in the basement a few months back so I'm sure there was a problem somewhere. Gotta love the sign the super put up in the mail room when that was happening saying the building has no bugs.

I live on the 7th floor...maybe I'm lucky as it seems like one of the cleaner floors in the building. We do see these little brown flea-like bugs on our walls from time to time

(maybe 2 every couple of months) and I wonder where they're coming from. Saw two last night and it's the middle of winter so they're obviously coming from inside somewhere.

Anyway, it's a clean building based on the view from the 7th floor at least, but wander through the building...every floor is completely different.

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I have found and killed one cockroach in the 2 1/2 years I have lived here. I never leave food around and everything is placed in sealed containers and dishes are always done or rinsed and left clean in the sink. I have bought several traps and have not caught one cockroach. Although I have killed a few centipedes. What floor are you on? I am on a lower floor, I have no clue how that cockroach got in, but I have heard that they can come up the drain.

We have yet again found a cockroach in our apartment. The apartment is spotless as we clean very diligently... take the garbage out every night, no food outside concealed containers, etc.. Does anybody else have a problem with cockroaches in this building? It is really starting to concern me.

why are there several matresses and a couch by the dumpster?? makes me think someone threw them away because they had bed bugs. But I am sure maybe someone was just moving out and getting rid of old things??? If there was a bug problem, please let us know, and let us know if anything has been done to solve the problem??

Good news!
This building is so dirty no bedbugs could survive.I do not believe super has a vacuum cleaner on the site. Cheer up! lease is over soon.

I am supposed to view an apartment in this building. The only thing stopping me are these posts. Is there still a bug problem?

Thank you for posting that. I would hope that if there were more bugs found in the apartment they would report it to the super asap.

I have been worried about this problem since the posting in august and it would put my mind at ease knowing this problem is gone for good.

This may not be my place but I'm gonna spill the beans cause I know how freaked out you're all feeling:

After seeing the original bedbug posting in August I happened to run into the super and asked her about the problem. At first she did not let on, but I told her I saw the posting, knew about the issue and wanted to know where the problem was. Turns out it was my floor (10), and her neighbor (1003)! She was upset about the posting, but I really feel as tenants we have a right to the infor

mation. The only good news was that the infected unit was right next to her apt. so she was/is very concerned about them spreading, cause if they do it would likely be to her unit.

I also ran into her last week and asked for an update - she said she hadn't heard anything so assumed it was all taken care of (and still upset about the posting). But tonight, the unit had a MAJOR cleaning (many trips to the dumpster, and cleaning inside the unit) so I'm not sure what's up - kinda looks like there may still be a problem.

By the sounds of some earlier posts I wonder if there are more units affected by bedbugs. I specifically asked her how many and she said it was only 1.

I've outed this one unit - does anyone know of any others?????

I've never heard about or seen any cockroachs! This building is developing some serious problems ;(

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after seeing this, i asked our super which floors they were on, she was incredibly evasive and rude, she refused to tell me even what floor they were on. please please please post which floors they are on if you have them!

what did you see? bed bugs? cockroaches?? and what floor was this on? have you let the landlord know? are they doing anything about this? I will be calling trw and asking what they are doing about this

I also saw some this evening around 10pm in the hallway on the ceiling on the way to the garbage shute. I think this is evident that it's a bigger problem than a few isolated incidents.

I have lived here for 2 years now. I have never seen a cockroach or a bed bug. I have only killed about a handful of spiders and silver fish in the last 2 years. However, I have also noticed the pest control truck in the parking lot the last few weeks. Isn't the landlord obligated to tell all tenants if an apartment in the building is being treated for any kind of infestation? I have used two cans of bug spray in the last 3 days, all around my baseboards, bed, furniture, electrical outlets

and windows. I am so paranoid of getting any kind of infestation from another unit. Can those treated please let us know if the problem has been dealth with... I am losing sleep and cleaning like crazy all the time.

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This building has a serious cockroach problem. I realize this site is for bed bugs, but I would like to know if there are any other tenants in this building having the same problem. Between seeing them in the apartment and hallways, building management really has to do a better job with pest control for this situation before we get bed bugs too.

Please let us know what floor these bugs were found. I have noticed a pest control vehicle in the parking lot for a week now. I am paranoid and can no longer sleep without cleaning like crazy and constantly looking for bugs. If they have sprayed several times, are you now bug free?

This building has cockroaches. When reported to building management, they arranged for pest control to come in. Although it does not look like pest control did anything and there are still cockroaches in the apartment.


I appreciate your honesty; there is no point to be ashamed ( 5* hotels have them)…
Please let us know what level you are living at, as it is good to be alert.
I do not know why the superintendent does not recognize that we have a “problem” here…Thank you

What floor are you on?

Bugs found. Reported to landlord and a few days later they came to spray. 2 weeks later they returned for the 2nd spraying. No idea if they'll come back. Apparently a few other apartments were being done both times I had spraying done.

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