400 Walmer Rd
Toronto, ON M5P

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There's an East and West tower for this building. We live in the East tower-- have for two years-- and have only seen ONE bug, and it was a spider. Never seen cockroaches, haven't had bed bug issues. We're moving out due to looking for a cheaper place, but... the 12th floor of the East tower is clean.

That being said, the West tower might have the infestation...!


We moved into 400 Walmer 3 months ago and we have had cockroach issues in our unit for over 6 weeks now. We have not had a good experience in dealing with the management company whatso ever. They do not communicate with us and have shown a real lack of care/concern.What makes it worse is is the fact that we paid extra to live in this particular unit, as it had been gutted and completly renovated with brand new kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances installed (we are the first tenants t

o live in the unit after the reno).

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LOL Ex Walmer

400 Walmer is hardly a dump. Its a very exclusive rental building and proof if they are THERE, they are everywhere!

On December 22, 2011 my girlfriend was bitten by bedbugs. She developed huge red bumps all over her body. It turns out that I was bitten too, but I did not have a rush. I guess I am not sensitive. Spoke to management, after two weeks they sent a company to treat it, but after 2 weeks the bedbugs are back again. Now I am trying to move out of this dump. Already had to trash my springbox mattress. And some of my friends will not come over anymore. very sad. 400 Walmer bye bye

On 26 November, 2009, we received a note on the 11th floor that someone in the building had bed bugs. They will be treating the building on 1 December, 2009.

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