21 Tichester Rd
Toronto, ON M5P

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No bedbugs in my unit after 3 years of residence; never heard of any neighbors having a problem with them. It's good building.

Spotted a bed bug in unit on the 6th Floor. According to management, the neighbouring unit was sprayed two weeks ago. The management appears to be responding quickly to this report and pest control will be in later this week.

Bedbugs on the 11th Floor. Disgusting! The Superintendant took care of it immediately. February 2010


go to this web you can find a cap business locates inside this residential building. better ask if the owner store his goods inside the building.

Not sure when, where or how the bugs showed up - but there has been some serious radiator replacement work this summer...so maybe from there?

Told the super - he was on it extremely quickly. Within 4 days of reporting there was an exterminator both spraying and fogging the apartment. I was not permitted back into the apartment for 3 hrs to allow the fogging to take effect.

I was terrified to read about a bedbug report in my building and looked into it right away.

Here is what I found:

The management dealt with the report and the very real problem, promptly. There has been no problem since that time.

Should another problem arise (in any home, apartment building, shopping mall, office building, dining establishment or subway car, anywhere), it should be reported immediately to the authorities in order to be dealt with.

I must say, the rest of the tenan

ts, who call this lovely building home, do not appreciate having their collective home tarnished by a guy with a grudge. It is not fair to your fellow residents!

This is a pristine building with a marvelous reputation.

another tenant

see full report...

bedbugs on seventh floor in March 2009, managment is not letting tenands know

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