18 Tichester Rd
Toronto, ON M5P

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found bed bugs, moved out

management handled it very poorly

VERY unprofessional superintendent

I refused to speak with her and only dealt with her boss who simply doesn't care either.

nice little apartments but not worth it!
the building is so old that they can easily get from unit to unit, carpeted hallways, huge old baseboard to hide in

stay away!

Anonymous on 05/31/2011:

From your description, that is not a minor infestation but quite a large one.
If you are seeing them as you have suggested, its an infestation already out of control....

Anonymous on 12/07/2011,

Can you tell me which unit on the second floor experienced problems?

I live on the second floor, and have not yet experienced an infestation. Another unit on the floor has been treated with the surrounding units receiving preventative spray and follow-up inspections. I would say the the management is being proactive in its efforts to quell the spread of the little vampires. So far so good!

can someone update me about this location? I am looking at an apartment there tomorrow

thank you

I'm currently living on the first floor, and have what I suspect to be a minor infestation. I have seen a few (4 or 5) adult bed bugs in my entry, and have a few bites here and there. I've been looking and looking, but I haven't seen any other signs, like eggs or nymphs. I informed the super, and she was quick to bring in a PCO to treat my suite, as well as the surrounding ones. The treatment just happened, so now I'm waiting for results and hoping that the problem will be resolved.


ately, the super did mention to me yesterday that another apartment on the 2nd floor which had had an infestation last year has seen a resurgence.

see full report...

I submitted a report a year ago indicating a bug problem in this building. Since then the situation has changed quite a bit. I havn't seen a bug or evidence of bugs in months (Actually, the last time I saw one was probably when I submitted my last report a year ago).

I'm not sure what the other floors are like, but the ground floor seems to have beaten the bugs.

Moved here(18 Tichester Road, first floor, Toronto) in 2007 and started noticing bites in 2008. Assuming they were flea bites(we have two cats) we treated our apartment for fleas for months but the bites kept getting worse.

It wasn't until I actually SAW a bedbug crawling across the floor that we realized we did not have fleas.

The superintendent acted surprised and sent in an exterminator, but bugs returned weeks later. repeat visits from the exterminator yielded the same results.


experience has cost us most of our furniture, about $40 worth of laundry after every visit, and more $$$ to put our cats in a kennel for the day while the apartment is sprayed. Stress from lack of sleep, and the monstrous inconvenience of tearing our apartment apart every time the exterminator visits.

This building has a serious bug problem, do not move here unless you want to develop some great new anxiety and insomnia disorders.

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August 30, 2009 bed bugs on second floor.

Started getting bites this winter ( Dec '08 - Jan '09 ). Keep killing them but they keep coming back, and as of April 2009 I still get bites nightly.

Will have to trash all my furniture when I move. Thanks 18 Tichester!

I lived at 18 Tichester from February 2006 to January 2008, on the 3rd floor. The bedbugs started to show up in my unit in December of 2006, and continued to return over the course of the next year despite repeated spraying. I made several complaints to the superintendent, who sent in the pest control each time I complained. The bugs would disappear for about 3 to 6 weeks, and then would come back. One time when the pest control came, I left the apartment as soon as he got there, but quickly

returned to get my metropass, and he was already gone. He had spent a total of 3 minutes in my apartment, supposedly spraying. I couldn't smell any chemicals at all, and the bugs were back within a few weeks. I have to wonder if the pest control even sprayed at all.

During the time that I lived there, I was constantly covered in bites and scars. I repeatedly washed all of my clothes and bedding and vaccumed out the baseboards, but the bugs always came back. I finally moved out and had to get rid of most of my furniture - a brand new $1000 bed, and a $700 futon.

The superintendent of this building is well aware of the problem, but is not very helpful. After the first time the bugs came back, he advised me to get rid of my bed and futon and just buy new ones, that would get rid of the bugs. That is a ridiculous solution, in my opinion.

That building needs to be closed down and treated from top to bottom, not just unit by unit, depending on who makes a complaint.

If you know anyone who is thinking of renting in this building, please tell them not to. I wish that someone had told me.

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I left 18 Tichester Road last summer after 6 months of bedbug hell. Even worse than the bedbugs was the fact that the management knew about the infestation and kept it a secret. I found out from the pest control guy that he had sprayed all the apartments surrounding mine in weeks before and was just waiting for my call.

we lived at 18 Tichester for two years and we had a serious bed bug problem nearly the whole time. we were on the main floor.

They seem to be travelling from suite to suite. Management is treating apartments in blocks. Fingers crossed...

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