630 Roselawn Ave
Toronto, ON M5N

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O'Shanter, the property manager, posted a notice that a "contractor" would be doing work on the 8t floor on March 22, 2012. They did not disclose that the contractor was a pest company killing off bedbugs. Came home after work to see the lobby doors propped open with the heaters used to kill bedbugs. Both elevator doors open, spilling out pest control employees, canisters, hoses and the heaters used to kill bedbugs. Pest Control Company truck outside (O'Shanter asked that they use an unmarked

truck) loaded with heaters and other bedbug extermination equipment. O'Shanter lies about everything. They don't have the common decency to alert people to the presence of bedbugs. They would rather try to lie to and con tenants so that they remain ignorant and the building will soon become infested with bedbugs due to that attitude.

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