40 Sylvan Valleyway
Toronto, ON M5M
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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This is not a rental property. We are a condominium, and these are our private homes. No suite number or floor was mentioned by "Anonymous". Perhaps another of the Sylvans was meant? Community Housing rental building on Sylvan in Parkdale? Several other Sylvans.Please contact Anonymous to check his info.

I see you have identified individual family HOMES in my area.
I want to know the individual SUITE number reported by this anonymous person, so the unit can be inspected by our management company and cleared of the accusation, which may well be malicious.

I have lived in this complex 12 years, visited MANY suites, and NEVER heard of anyone having bedbugs!
Was this reported to management?

October 2010. Visted acquaintances who rent unit in older building at 40 Sylvan Valley Way. Got a bite while there and thought nothing of it but then heard from a mutual friend some time after that this couple had learned that they had bed bugs!

I was so angry to learn of the news this way. It was so rude of this couple not to tell all their guests that night of what they discovered so that we could take the necessary precautions asap.

So far I have seen nothing at my place but am living

in fear for the past month monitoring. One thing for sure, I am no longer visiting these rude people or that building ever again!

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