263 Adelaide St W
Toronto, ON M5H

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I have lived here for the last 7 years and very rarely see an insect of any kind, its kind of weird. My roomies brought home a few bedbugs last year from a trip to chicago but I vacuumed, caulked, and dusted with diatomaceous earth weekly and in a few weeks they were all gone. I dont know what people get all freaked out about, its not hard to do. If you cant outwit a bug you should re-evaluate your life.

I lived here for 9 months in 2009 and there is definitely a problem. My boyfriend was not affected but I had bites all over me, to the point where I had to wear long sleeves everywhere I went. The property management group, The Skinner Group, pretended that they had no idea even though we found evidence on our wooden bed frame (they like wood) and they still didn`t believe us. The did however accuse us of bringing them into the building, which means that they acknowledged that they were in the b

uilding! They did fumigate not once but twice, but it didn`t help. The fumigator told us that the bugs we found were huge and looked like older not like smaller younger ones. Translation, the bed bugs have been living there much longer than the revolving door of tenants. The management had the audacity to keep our deposit for 30 days after we left the building.

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I lived at this location in summer 2011 (on the 4th floor). There was bed bugs. My roommates said they had took the necessary precaution to get rid off them, unfortunately it did not seem to work. And bed bugs were alive and well feeding off me every single night. Causing multiple bites all over my body.

Lived here for 4 months now and there are NO bed bugs. I have friends on almost all floors. No reports of any bed bugs on any floor.

There are indeed still bedbugs at this location.
A young couple moved recently out of their loft after only 1 month.
It was hell for them...

Does 263 adelaide west still have bed bugs? I'm looking at a loft to rent there .... help!

this is a very open building with people coming and going. my room mate found some in our rooms and have fumigated though they just moved rooms.
we'd rather not say our names or unit and talk to our neighbours directly.
if any one knows god personally please ask him to save us

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