77 Gerrard St W
Toronto, ON M5G

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August 2012 I moved in to this building temporarily. Today is August 21 and so far, I've seen more than 4 times furniture and mattresses being discarded outside near the entrance of the building. On one occasion during the first 10 days of my stay I saw a guy discarding his mattress and he told me he has seen one bedbug in his place and decided to throw out the mattress. I forgot to ask him which floor he lives in or if the building's management are doing something to treat the problem. However

, I'm terrified of getting bedbugs during my short stay. I hope management effectively treats this problem because it seems like an endemic.

I haven't seen roaches or bedbugs in the unit I'm staying at. Still, I'm concerned since I haven't heard or seen my roommates turn on the vacuum in 21 days. Leaving the place un-vacuumed increases the risk of getting bedbugs and there's too much clutter in the apartment to entirely vacuum and clean the place. few days after I moved in, I decided to do something about the mold or kind of hard build-up on the tiles against the wall. I tried to clean the areas that I'm frequently using such as the shared bathroom since my lungs are sensitive to mold and dust. When I asked my roommates what is this build-up they simply answered that this is how they received the unit from the landlord and that the build-up is hard to remove. I was disgusted and felt too embarrassed for them. I wanted to ask how many years have you been living like this but I didn't want to embarrass them. Instead, I mixed some bleach and water and cleaned and it actually went away. The next day I was wheezing from being exposed to this. A lesson to be learned is to investigate the cleanness of the place before renting or subletting it. don't be fooled by how people may appear as professional.

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