763 Bay St
Toronto, ON M5G

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Same unit, a few weeks after treatment. Haven't seen any to our knowledge.

I moved into a corner unit on the 33rd floor two weeks ago. A week ago I started waking up covered in bites. It started on my hands, spread to my arms, feet, and some other random small spots on my body.
One roommate also had bites, not nearly as many. Our boyfriends are unaffected. Roommate had a friend over after Christmas who had bites after leaving. They searched high and low but found nothing.
I went to two walk-in clinics. The first said they had no idea, and said it was not bed bugs

. The second doctor I went because I broke out with a fever. Because of that I was diagnosed with strep accompanied with scarlet fever rash.
Last night I just happened to be up late reading, and out of he corner of my eye I saw one crawling towards me. We trapped it and brought in pest control asap. Definite bedbugs concentrated mostly in one room but present in other rooms in the apartment. We are still preparing for treatment. My fever is related to a second bacterial infection from the bites.
My welcoming gift to the city.

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