736 Bay St
Toronto, ON M5G

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Any update on the bed bug situation in the building?

Has there been any more issues regarding bed bugs in 2011 at 736 Bay?

I am set to move in to this place shortly and am worried about this issue?


Unless the entire building was fumigated several times and everyone complied to the treatments (which is not usually the case), it is unlikely that the bedbugs are gone.

There was a major renovation that started in November and was just completed on floors 14 to 2.

The floors of the condo units on floors 14 to 2 as well as hallway walls were re-done.

All hallway carpets were professionally re-done.

No further problems were reported.

736 Bay street

Last year, between floors 2-11 there were multiple outbreaks due to storage units being too close together. It was track traced back to a few select residences's storage units and spread through the building.

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