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August 28, 2010

Two days before I was scheduled to enter my new bachelor pad in Tower 1, I decided to go into my new place and take a look around, imagining how I'd arrange my furniture. But when I went into the appartment at about 2:00 in the afternoon, I saw many, MANY bed bugs crawling around on the carpets in broad day light :(. I've suffered bed bugs earlier this year, and their was no question what kind of bug I saw crawling around. There were at least 50 visible. I called the landl

ord and talked to building managment, and both said this was the first case of bed bugs in their building (a misleading fact if you consider the last story mentioned). They offered to spray the place in 3 weeks time, but I decided to break my new lease and cut my losses short by loosing one months rent.

Once you live with bed bugs, it's not worth going into a place like that and "hope" that it will go away. And it's not worth risking all your furniture too.

The pest control people told me that spraying an empty appartment is inefective, because the bugs need a human host as a reason to leave the walls and come into contact with the poison. I dediced that that human host wasn't going to be me

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I have been struggling with bed bugs since i moved in to 717 bay street - liberty condos (tower 1). just over a year now i have been living in the condo now and the place seemed clean and good to the eye, but that wasn't the case. after about four months moving in, i was waking up with bites all over my body ( up to 25 at one time), i had no clue what it was, and assumed there were spiders or i was just bitten by misquotes, but that wasnt the case. it was bed bugs! everybody thought i was crazy,

we searched the bed , the mattress, the walls , everywhere and not a single sign... not to mention my roommate didn't have them either, it was just my room. i called pest control in anyways and they did the same check that i did, and said there was nothing , although i had done a lot of research on them and the bites and i new for a fact. finally one night i was laying in bed and one crawled across the bedding. i then trapped it and called pest control. my case was weird, so i have to say stick to your guts , because i couldn't see them but i knew they were around. even after the spraying i had problems with them , we are unsure if they came from the vents and adjacent apartments or what, but management said nothing , saying there had been no case reported for 5 years, but they were definitively in the building when we moved in.! .... since then i have seen pest control trucks in our apartment at least three times, clearly the condo is trying to cover it to save on costs.

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