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I found the bedbug after living there for about a month. I started having some weird skin problems 10 days after I moved in. At the beginning I thought I had pimples growing on my skin. But the itchiness last for a couple of weeks and I started to suspect it was some kind allergy. I found the first bites were on my upper limbs, then my feet. I was horrified because I didn't know what was wrong with me. I couldn't have good sleep cuz those bugs woke up me in the middle of the night. I was so stre

ssed out at the time. I told my story to a friend of mine and she took a look at my skin. She told me it was the bedbug cuz she had that experience before when she lived in an apartment. I was so shock and I couldn't believe her cuz the house I lived in was just newly renovated and it was very clean. My landlady never mentioned anything to me (of course she wouldn't) However, not until one day I found one of such an organism on my bed that i was convinced that i had that problem. I told the other three girls who also shared the house with me. (the landlady doesn't live there) and two of us moved out that month. One of girl was forced to sign a 6 month contract before we told her the problem so she couldn't move out. The other girl wasn't bothered by the bugs (i don't know why), so she stayed. Before I moved, I throw out a lot of my furniture and clothes. When i moved to a new place, i still worried that bugs could have a free ride from me and moved into the new place with me. So I kept cleaning my clothes. Sometimes, I still think some of them still live in my new apartment with me. I still hate that stupid landlady, because of her greediness and evilness, we all had to undergone such horrible nightmare. By the way, she didn't charge us, all students less even her house had such a big problem. I wish she also picked up some of bugs and carries them to her own house and she suffers as much as we suffered there. How can I expect a hooker to know what moral is? Yeah, i think she is a prostitute cuz she has this massage store, which only old male customers visit. I didn't know she was going to open such business on ground/basement floors. Like i said, the whole house was being renovating when I first saw it. Anyway, thank god I finally moved out from there. I wish no one will never experience this in their lives.

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