55 Centre Ave
Toronto, ON M5G

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Have lived here 3 years, never heard of bed bugs, or any pest problems for that matter in this building (55 centre ave).

In terms of access to the pool, apparently when the building was first built we had access to the hotel amenities, but some idiot stole a bunch of equipment so the hotel no longer shares with us!

Would be interesting to talk to the hotel manager about paying a membership fee of some sort to use their pool.


i have lived here for a few years. love it. am just wondering if anyone knows whether we get access to the hotel gym? i know of other condo/hotel units that share amenities but am unsure here.


I have been an owner at 55 Centre Avenue for 7 years and have not had any issues with anything other then my neighbor. They should have moved into a retirement home not a downtown condo. Come to think of it I have only seen one spider all these years. For anyone posting issues on a site like this get the address correct.

i lived here from Oct 08 to Oct 09 unit 2307

no pests ever found. had preventatives in place just in case they got in, roach poison. had little fine bristle/foam things on the main door so they could not come in.

did not hear of anyone with them in this unit.

I have lived here since August 2008 and have never dealt with any bed bug issues. I also know people in 2 other separate units in the building who have also told me that they have not had any issues with bed bugs.

Before moving into this building I was worried after reading this blog, yet I have talked to many residents in the building and no one has reported any issues. Many of the residents have lived in the building since it was originally built.
Moved in Sept 2009 and still living here currently (Jan 2011)

Winter/Spring 2007, bad case of bed bugs (confirmed & treated) in 55 Centre Avenue, Toronto. Supposedly seen in at least one other unit at the time. Cannot comment on current status.

There has been prior issues here, but the building \'Desperate\' is talking about is not 55 Centre. Desperate even posts their address as Homewood.

And yes, bedbugs can travel through conduits and such making it easy for them to move from unit to unit if there is an outbreak.

The person is saying that the bedbugs will move to another unit, not that they will.

this is untrue, i live on the 23rd floor in this building(55 Centre Ave) and have had no problem at all.
this is a condo building, how could you \"switch units\".. if the above post had bedbug problems why would you buy another unit in the same building then?

I am the original poster and it was not a false alarm.
We have taken measures to prevent them from 'feeding' on us but from what we have read they can live up to a year and a half without feeding and will just move to another unit.
From the run-in with an exterminator in the elevator not long ago it looks like there is still a problem in the building.

I am a condo owner, it was my dream to own my own home. Unfortunately, that dream has turned into a nightmare. Since September 2007 I have been battling with bedbugs. This seems to be one of the worst experiences of my life. Combined with day-to-day activities, battling bed bugs has taken a toll on my nerves and mental health. I now feel that the only solution is to get rid of all my possessions, sell my unit and move. Not an ideal situation for someone that was hoping to retire in 3 years.

I find talking with other people about this situation, difficult. Some people have cut me off completely for fear of getting the bed bugs. I am terrified of giving them to someone. I do not feel The Department of Health is taking this situation seriously enough. I believe this issue seriously effects indivduals emotional and physical well-being.

The address of the building is:

40 Homewood Avenue
Toronto ON

see full report...

then what kind of bugs was it?

This was a false alarm. Turns out it was not bed bugs after all.

Condo attached to the Metropolitan Hotel. Bed bugs are spreading though different units.

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