25 Elm St
Toronto, ON M5G

Found 3 reports:

We have seen Apt 702 fumigated a couple of times over the last few weeks. June 2012,
The tenants in 701 now have been infested and are in the process of moving out in July.

TCHC (the landlord or City of Toronto in this case) simplay fumigates each unit in this building as the complaints come in. So if your neighbour is being fumigated you know you will have the problem next week. It's a great business for them because they will NOT help you pay for washing everything you own (in their coin-op laundry) so you essentially get to do $40+ worth of laundry every time. Most of the 8th floor here is affected but I have heard that many of the other floors are infested now

too. Some residents are being biten so bad they look like lepers.

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Unit 602 was sprayed for bedbugs on January 4, 2010. Many units in this building needed spraying in the last two years, with repeated infestations in some units. The landlord (Toronto Community Housing Corporation) is willing to pay for professional spraying, but that's a hassle.

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