111 Elizabeth St
Toronto, ON M5G

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I used to live there in 2011 until I was chased out by the bed bugs. The management did not even check the neighbouring units for the pests. They were too busy insisting to all others that they did not have a bed bug problem. Horrible experience. Do not live there

how do you know that it's coming from the first floor? what floor were you on? you said management did nothing about it? :s do you know anybody else in the building? Is it still a problem there?

I need a place to live and I found a fully furnished unit here for a decent price and close to school. Should I just keep on looking?

Bedbugs all over the place! Rental property insists that they do not exist however it's a total lie. I moved in during November 2010 and was gone by christmas and was NOT refunded my deposit. Second and third floors are the worst as the bedbugs are coming from the first floor. Stay away.

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