108 Chestnut St
Toronto, ON M5G

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Summer 2012, received multiple bed bug bites at this hotel. Also ended up bringing them home and am now paying big bucks for extermination!
Tried to contact the hotel but they will not return my phone calls! Beware!

Stayed in room 1706, 11/26 - 11/28. NO BEDBUGS. Checked vigorously, room was clean.

I stayed at the metropolitan hotel room 902 what a traumatizing experience!! Bedbugs alll over sooo disgusting will never stay again!! Dirty dirty dirty

Stayed there on 27 Sept. By the time I made it home on 28th 11 bites had appeared on me. I called them as a courtesy to let them know. They just informed me that the room was clear after a PCO inspected. I can't imagine, given their location on me, that the bites would have come from the conference room I was in during the day (in a different location) or from the train, which is what the manager suggested when I spoke to him. I stayed in room 1210. Needless to say, I'm staying in a differen

t hotel when I head to Toronto this week.

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I stayed at the Metropolitan Hotel Last night. I woke up to see a bed bug on me. I have 9 bites on the side of my body. My wife has 3 bites on her leg and 3 bites on her foot. The room was a ballgame/hotel gift from my company. I will never go there again.
Room 1918. Beware.

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