56 Yonge St
Toronto, ON M5E

Found 2 reports:

I checked in and went out for dinner. On my return, I was lying in bed watching TV and started noticing bed bugs in bed with me.

I spent the next few hours sitting in a chair until 5:00 a.m. and quickly left.

I demanded a refund which was given to me.

But I did end up shooting out all my luggage not wanting to bring them into my home.

My grandmother was in the city to have eye surgery at St. Mikes. After the surgery she and my aunt stayed the night at the Hotel Victoria on Yonge Street. My aunt said that around midnight she got up to use the bathroom and bumped into some furniture on the way back to bed so turned the light on by her bed. When she moved the covers back to get back into bed she saw TONS of bedbugs all scatter. She jumped up and told my grand mother to get up and they both looked at her bed as well and saw a bun

ch of bugs. They promptly checked out at 2am and went to stay somewhere else.
Do NOT stay here!

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