65 Church St
Toronto, ON M5C

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Moved in to the apartment September 1st. Within 1 week of being in the apartment I noticed red welts, and small "pimple" size bites that bled. I thought nothing at first, but I had a serious reaction and before I knew it, my body was covered. The welts were very large and I had bites everywhere. The building brought an exterminator in and said they could not find anything. My skin continued to get worse. I went to seek medical advice and after seeing a dermetologist, he noticed immediately the i

ssue was bed bugs. He then told me about the large problem in Toronto with bed bugs. So after explaining this to the building management, an exterminator came back, and behold, bedbugs. This is now November. I have been out of the bedroom for weeks, sleeping on the couch in the living room, and at friends places and living out of plastic bags. As a student, this has been a traumatic experience, one which has garnered little empathy from the building management. I wanted to move back into the 1 bedroom so I set up my bed 6 days after extermination. I was hoping for the best, but in the morning I had bites and as I examined the room. Sure enough I found bugs in the carpet. So I need another extermination - which is now Dec. 10th. The building management asked if I could stay somewhere else while I wait for the second extermination. So basically I have had no bedroom for 6 weeks during this mess. I have had to wash all clothes and bedding twice, remove all belongings twice, heat dry everything, and have my belongings on the balcony just to be safe, while at the same time trying to study for exams, get papers done, and remain sane. This experience I wish on know one.

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